Little People, Big… Penis?

One time, a while ago, I was watching The Insider. They did a “special news report” on this woman who was only twenty-six inches tall. That is crazy short. I was twenty-one inches when I was born, so this woman was the height of a large newborn. 

Anyhoo, she had this boyfriend who was six feet four inches tall. Instead of being uplifted and inspired that this man loved a woman despite her physical shortcomings (pun intended), and that sometimes the saying “love knows no bounds” is true, I could only think of one thing.

The sex.

I mean, this man is tall. Tall men tend to have a larger penis, right? At the very least, an average sized one. So… let’s say his penis is, minimum, six inches. That means that his penis is almost one-fourth her size! That would be like have sex with someone whose dick is as long as your knee down. 

It’s absolutely baffling.